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A new season at
Buckner Fanning Garden!


Hello, Parents!

We’re off to a beautiful start in the garden.

The seeds we planted last spring have given us an abundance of beneficial flowers, herbs, succulents, vegetables, and fruits. The sunflowers were a large part of the lesson plan last season and it’s been wonderful for the children to see their planting efforts come to fruition.

This past week, tasting baby sun roses was a favorite class activity. Baby sun roses are delicious succulents that we planted for ground cover and it has grown abundantly in our first garden bed. Its tiny bright red flowers explode with color among the greens and its leaves taste like sour apple.

4th and 5th grade Photography



I’m so excited so many parents reached out about volunteering in the gardens this year! There will be plenty of unique opportunities throughout the year to visit the gardens with your child for special events. If you’d like to stop by during your child’s garden class time, we have opportunities to read books, refill watering cans, plant seeds, and mend the soil.

Just email and let me know you’d like to come by! 


Additionally, parents are always welcome to share seeds, plants or clippings for propagation from their home gardens. We will find the perfect place for them in our school garden!

Organic Compost


Compost Bin!

Thanks to one of our parent volunteers, Micah, we now have a compost bin! This week we’ll kick off our classroom paper recycling program! This will be our intro to composting systems. We’ll collect, decorate and set up paper recycling bins in every classroom. We’ll use this paper for future worm bins and our larger compost bin. This will eventually act as the fertilizer we add back into our organic garden.

Garden Remedies

Cuban Oregan

With the cold season ahead, I wanted to share two of my favorite herbal remedies from the garden. Mint and oregano are high in vitamin C, vitamin A, and have anti-inflammatory properties, making them beneficial for treating colds.  These leaves can be boiled in water to make tea. 


Cuban Oregano has been prolific in my home garden and I’ve begun to propagate it and bring it to the school garden. It is a hardy succulent with a strong aroma and can be used in various ways in the kitchen. It pairs well with meat and fish and is great in soups, and when used to flavor black beans or Spanish rice.

Did you know?

Cuban Oregano is used for respiratory issues like Bronchitis, Allergies, Asthma, Colds, and Coughs.

In health & harmony
- Julie

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